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15 super easy positive affirmations to practice with your kids, with FREE printable

As our children learn behaviours from their environment, which ultimately wires their brains, positive affirmations are incredibly effective in the nurturing of their wellbeing throughout childhood.

Learning to affirm positive messages towards themselves are like small acts of kindness and love towards themselves. Positive affirmations build self-esteem and self-belief which will stay with them throughout their lives.

Not only are they wonderful at nurturing our children throughout childhood, affirmations are also really useful for us grown ups to practice. Parenthood can be really full on, and we can often lose our sense of self along the way, and help us to challenge those unhelpful, and often negative thoughts like the horrid mum-guilt that so many of us are riddled with once the calm of the evening hits.

Put simply, an affirmation is to affirm to one’s self positive words that are absorbed by the mind to create your belief system.

So, here are 15 super easy positive affirmations to practice with your kids.

  1. There is no one better to be than myself.

  2. I am proud of myself.

  3. I am worthy.

  4. I deserve to be happy.

  5. I always try my best, and that is what matters.

  6. I've got this!

  7. I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

  8. I am enough.

  9. My mistakes and challenges help me grow.

  10. My future is great.

  11. Today I will shine.

  12. It is ok to ask for help

  13. I am loved.

  14. It is ok to not know everything.

  15. I am safe.

Don't forget to download our free affirmations printable below, so you never forget to be that little bit kinder to yourself!

Oh, it's also pretty cute.

15 positive affirmations to practice with your kids printable
Download PDF • 32KB

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